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Writing Prompts

Sometimes we need a break from our projects. Deadlines can work for us or against us at times. Sometimes our thoughts flow like a rushing river and other times we're stuck in a block. Wherever you find yourself, it's good to step away and write about something out in left field. Get those creative juices flowing!


Unleash your creativity, explore new areas, and zero in on your storytelling skills through this page with a handful of writing prompts that we'll be rotating out regularly. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting your journey, you'll find something here to spark your imagination.

Dive into the prompts below and let your words flow. Feel free to interpret them in your own unique way. Don't be afraid to venture into uncharted territory — that's where the most captivating stories are often found.

And feel free to send us what you wrote, or new ideas for prompts.

It All Starts Here

Writing Therapy

The group over at Skill Share had some great thoughts on getting into routines of writing daily prompts. We thought you might enjoy the first one from one of their blog posts - and then ones we as writes made up just for you!

Many writers don’t want you to know their secret to success, but we’re not about keeping secrets from you! We want to see that inner genius thrive. A lot of successful writers don’t always want to write. In order to write through this resistance, they’ll often create daily writing routines that help them put pen to paper, no matter what. Routines help us grow. If you start to cook every day, then you’ll eventually become a better cook. The same goes for writing, and daily writing prompts help you structure the routine so you can perform your best and always show up to write.  If you’re looking for daily writing prompts, here’s a list that can help you stick to your writing routine. 

But, if you don't want a routine, that good with us - some writers find that forcing themselves to write every day takes the joy out of their writing lives, and we're not okay with that!

Check out the slides below!


Keep a gratitude journal and write in detail about the things you’re grateful for.


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