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Writer's Corner

Consider this page our vibrant community hub, a place where inspiration flows freely. Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of writing prompts, perfect for those moments when you need that extra nudge to kickstart your creative journey. We've also curated a list of ongoing writing contests happening locally, offering you exciting opportunities to showcase your talent and maybe even getting paid for it! And don't forget to check out out new community group, where like-minded writers come together to share experiences and support one another. Your presence here is truly valued, and we hope you'll decide to become an integral part of EP's literary community!



Sometimes we need a little help getting the ideas flowing on paper... or text. Sometimes it's easier to focus on a smaller task than a large chapter or book. Whatever your need might be, we've compiled a list of prompts that might be of some use.


Want to see if your work can win you some money? There's quite a few contests going on right now. We've done some searching for you and put a small list together for you.

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