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Nitro Sniper Setup.exe

As a saboteur, Orochi focuses on contesting beacon control as well as drawing fire away from snipers and mid-rangers on your team. To do this, the Orochi ideally needs cover to dash to when its ability is close to expiring, but that cover should be near an enemy hotspot or beacon so the Orochi can maximize time destroying enemies and contesting beacons while minimizing the time needed to get to the location. For this role, Nitro Unit is good to speed past the enemies to rush a beacon, while Thermonuclear Reactor and Nuclear Amplifier are good modules to deal more damage. Overdrive Unit is not recommended as by the time the Overdrive threshold is reached, the Nitro threshold will most likely have expired and the Orochi will only have one of two Module buffs active at a time. As the Orochi will most likely not take much damage in this role, Shieldbreaker and Quantum Radar are better advised than Advanced Repair Unit or Phase Shift, so the Orochi can cause more havoc in the enemy lines with the former two than the latter two, which focus more on preventing damage or negating damage which the Orochi probably will not take.

Nitro Sniper Setup.exe

You can turn your FOV (Field of view) up, so you can see more of your surroundings. It helps you a lot if you are a sniper, so you can do better mortar and it helps in fights. Furthermore, having high FOV also helps you see the path of the bullet, which would make it easier for you to evade it. You can turn this on in your settings. 041b061a72


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