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The Truth Behind the Galaxy of Terror Worm Scene: Uncut and Uncensored

i have fond memories of this movie, it wasnt until recently that i realized the plot was a little different. the little girl is just a plot device for the monsters to get to the main character. the film is a close cousin to the time machine in that there are no happy endings, only a series of unrelated scenes that have no connection to each other that are eventually tied together in the end. i think the point of this is that it's a commentary on society. in the end the hero dies and the little girl is left. this is why the last scene with the little girl is the most important. the fact that they are connected is emphasized by the fact that she is the reason he is drawn to the planet. the ending that isnt there is a happy ending for the little girl, which is why i think the film was a commentary on society. it has two different endings, the last one being the one that is supposed to be the happy ending, but isn't because society is evil and you have to be strong to survive. and this film is set in the future. but if you look at it from the perspective of a child, there is a happy ending.

Galaxy Of Terror Worm Scene Uncut

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after a few minutes of nonstop sex, the worm's brains get blown out and he's left with a really big head. since one of his legs was severed, he had to be raised from the dead by having other parts surgically grafted on and fix him. there's also a bit of a problem with the female, a typical female body part being grafted onto his cock, as seen when he's mounted on her. the next scene shows the male and female being given a voice-over by the movie's narrator. i noticed this in the opening credits as well. at the time i didn't think much of it, but it really reminded me of the narrator in alien (1979). i would have thought this would have been obvious from the title, but still, it's worth mentioning.


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